Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hooray can we make a shout for another pluggle type of making money online? 

If you have seen pluggle.com.ph that resembles the color of  logo by google then here comes its contender resembling the logo for Yahoo.

Presenting Yeheey.com! What a big joke when lazy people will jump in and try to make money with this new pyramid scheme type offered online.

Who is behind this new pluggle type concept? Let's check from whois.com and this time a certain Arjay Gallenero came out with contact details as shown.
You will come across with this profile in linked try to check it out since it has the closest details that I can find with regards to the City from registrant details plus you can also find some videos from YouTube from him discussing on top 5 online business ideas as listed below.

Online courses
Profile and Domain flipping

If you agree that the owner of Yeheey.com is just the same from YouTube video (here) then he just lose his credibility when he engaged in this type of pyramid scheme would you agree? 

We just hope that maybe someone is using his identity which is way too contradictory to what you may watch on his YouTube video trying to share how to make money online.
So what is Yeheey.com well its just a pure copy cat from pluggle.com.ph with the log in bonus and group bonus the only thing is the log in bonus is much higher at $4 (₱200) against to pluggle at $2 (₱100).
Here's another screenshot your dashboard when you create and sign up from them.
Now I'm not sure what it meant about the logout bonus if one must achieve a certain amount before it ends like in pluggle that it will stop once you reach ₱1300 except that it has no logout bonus offered in pluggle.

When requesting for activation code since your account is inactive upon sign up.
Same concept without any business model but merely relying on each members recruit who will sign up and try to activate his/her own account definitely a clear structure of "Pyramid scheme" without any products but more focused on recruiting.

Funny thing they even brag that companies like AdSense, Info links trusted Yeheey, quite a joke right? Poor members who doesn't even know about such things that these are used by bloggers/publishers to monetize their own site.

Try to use ad blockers and these will be shown in your screen when you visit Yeheey website.

"Reminder! Ads can be a pain, but they are our only way to maintain the server and to increase the value of your YEHEEY COIN! Your patience is highly appreciated and we hope our service can be worth it.."

Only means one thing, the site is not sustainable and will rely on new members payment of the activation code to pay out old members besides they say you will earn even without invites by clicking ads but just imagine how much time you need to spend before you reach the ₱2500 payout threshold.

A very misleading way on how they promote their site that you can earn even without invites but reality is you NEED to RECRUIT more to EARN MORE.

Just an update from Yeheey.com now turned Yeheey.biz

If you have not read yet about my review on pluggle.com.ph you may check it out here. Plus the fact that Yahoo can go after them due to copyright issues on the logo as it totally resembles Yahoo icon.
from icon.archive
Final say is to stay away from these types of pyramid schemes making big promises of returns but will only run away with your hard earned money which relies from new members activation.

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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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  1. Thank You. My wife almost fall for this scam. I tried telling her that anyone asking you to pay up front for a job is a scam. Luckily I found your blog and showed her then she finally listened to me.

    1. entrusting your money with someone you don't even know and requires you to recruit to earn without tangible products that you can resell is already a sign of ponzi/pyramid scheme that is only for greedy people that easily fell for "get rich scheme sites" I have seen many sites with different names that lures you to invest and promises you good returns, just invest wisely go for stocks with blue chips or mutual funds than burning your money with online sites offering too good to be true and just requires you to invite and let earn from other member upgrades and selling non sense codes that you can never sell when the site shuts down. Protect your hard earned money

  2. hi thanks for this alert now im aware that it is a scam.. i have read the whole situation n that proves a lot and have use to believe this than that yeheey.biz.. my gf look for online job and found out this yeheey someone wanted him to be part of yeheey but i refuse not to i gave an advise to her not to cuz most i have know many people are complaining about the cash out of their money till then the whole web is block and all lefy behind is dought. thank you and i hope my comment helps other seekers too

  3. I tried to warn people they dont care as long as they make some money they dont give a shit that its at the expense of others its just like stealing but they blinded by their greed