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Anyone for sure have already been using Payza as one of their payment processors online aside from Paypal, Solid TrustPay etc.

For those who didn't know it was named as AlertPay before way back when I signed up using their service 6years ago (2011).

I'm still using this to receive payments from my online PTC sites that I joined into.  Good thing a year ago I noticed they had introduced the use of BTC as a feature to withdraw your funds which is a great add on instead of linking your personal banks and so on.
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Registration date since 2006 as per which I only learned about 6 years ago before changing its name.
Founder and CEO for Payza is Firoz Patel, you may read additional info on him (here).
I've been keeping this account after Paypal started its crackdown on revenue shares sites which also affected lately PTC sites as my alternative for receiving payments.

Some alternative payments are available like Skrill etc but if not mistaken Skrill charges for dormant accounts while Payza and Paypal do not have such fees.

Other payment processor like Payoneer also has an annual fee when using its card not yet sure if non-card users have also fees.

Payza  added another feature aside from withdrawal via BTC you can also have your own BTC wallet in Payza where you can use the exchange tab and exchange to other currencies.

Just to give you a walk through inside Payza . Click images to view its full size.

a. Sending Funds
b. Withdrawing Funds
c. Manage Currencies
 d. Exchange Currency
e. Calculator
So far it has friendly interface that you can easily adapt and manage to make your way through, not that too complicated to use.

Fees for transactions as of August 23, 2017 update.
If you are not comfortable for the fees you may try other payment processors since more and more are available to choose from online but just make sure to check if they are legit or not.

Mind you they have referral program as well if you are into networking and may share to your friends but of course there is a rule before you get paid as what they call as qualified referrals.
Qualified referrals means referrals to at least used Payza in sending/receiving worth $250.
Want to learn more about their referral program proceed (here)

More or less each payment processors has its own issues from every users as you will find out regarding complaints posted from forums, blogs, etc.

You are free to search and read from every complaints you will read over the internet, as my own review is only based from my own experience since 2011 when using their service.

So far all transactions went well, I no longer look at the fees on transfers as long as I was able to move my funds to a different member when I purchase or when I receive payments.

I tried also to link my credit card and found no any issues so far. I tried to use Payza  to withdraw funds to my BTC wallet, use for sending payments and so on and transactions are smooth.
Though even legit PTC/Survey sites uses Payza as one of their payment options, this does not guaranty that any payment processors will have no issues to its users which is case to case basis.

Still when using such services, do not entrust all your money with them unlike your banks that you can personally go right away to any branch near you, I am just using Payza because of the feature that I can move funds to Bitcoins.

If you notice my funds does not even exceed $100 (lol) but merely using it for receiving and sending payments purposes only and not retaining any huge amounts to stay safe.

Always be vigilant, we are dealing money via online so no matter how trusted an online payment service would be, always take precautions on not placing your funds but just put funds that you need to send payments for purchases etc.

I only endorse this for those who want to take advantage of their referral program that maybe they can earn just by inviting new users to sign up and make use of their service as most online payment processors have this except for Paypal.

Again it won't hurt if you try to use their service with small amounts to use it for your purchase online and moved your funds right away to your BTC wallets once you received some payments from your online jobs like PTC etc.

DO NOT TREAT it as your banks! Treat it only as your tool to make payments or for receiving payments and that's it, we never know when these online payment processors will froze our account for no reasons as other members claim.

Final say is to sign up since its free but again we still give the site with the "benefit of the doubt" due to reasons that they are in control of your account since you are using their platform , better be safe than be sorry they have the upper hand to make any changes and holding your money.

Note that this not only apply to Payza but to other online processors as well. Rule # 1: Protect your MONEY! Rule #2: Refer to rule #1.

Payza and 2 Canadian brothers accused of operating an unlicensed money service business and money laundering

I tried to withdraw my remaining $30 via bitcoins but the usual 2-3 days they send your withdrawal have passed already and still pending, so again never leave big amount of money to online payment processors.

Feel free to drop your comments below.

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