Monday, September 4, 2017


I have been collecting BTC since the advent of faucets and I mentioned from one of my posts about Donaldcoin faucet which closed after the AdSense ban same goes with the other faucets.

I have already used elenafaucets before but was not able to resume collecting and almost forgot it a year ago.

I have checked and it was still running though I have heard some members complaining that it had stopped paying.

When I tried to check from faucethub faucet lists, elenafaucet was included from their lists and I know the owner of faucethub who happens to be one of the admin of one of the faucet I was collecting from and if I can remember it right he mentioned to monopolize btc faucets and only list legit sites.

Well trying to check how long it has been running since 2016 as per with the name of owner as Aleksandr Sirkin.
Trying to look for Aleksandr Sirkin here we got lots of profiles from Facebook but we can never know if he is the one being pointed from from the Registrant details.
Going on twitter a different photo being posted which is of course a girl since the name of the faucet is elena and we can not determine which is which owns the site.
So just like a typical BTC faucet you are given an interval to claim which you are allowed to claim every 5 minutes and no limits as long as you go and claim every time interval.

Do the math, I never received the highest payout of 101 satoshi but only at 52 satoshi per minute, which makes you have 12 claims in an hour that would give you 624 satoshi every hour which is quite more higher than other paying faucets that give a range of 49-52 satoshi per hour.

If you can sit out at least 5 hours a day not necessarily straight 5hours but with some intervals that would give you a total of 3120 satoshi multiplied by how many days to reach the minimum cashout of 20,000 satoshi so roughly you need almost a week you have 20k+ satoshi.

In a month that would be almost 80k+ satoshi, not bad still higher from other faucets I am working with.

So how to claim in elenafaucets.

Simply solve captcha as shown
You will be given random words to click per order just follow their arrangement which comes first up to the last.
Now scroll down to click you are a human button to claim
I'm a Human
You will see a pop up message of your claimed satoshi
You can check later your status at "Check Status" section on how much satoshi already collected.
check status
Get your referral link from refer section and promote and invite others to join under you.
I tried to post before my link in Facebook as one immediately commented on not to waste time on such site as it stops paying. 

So I checked from their twitter account again and someone updated that he received a payment recently and the owner of that twitter account had posted some updates for some delays of payments.

Still I continued to collect and when I reached the minimum cash out I tested to withdraw but I got this message instead.
Well to test if they will pay, still I resumed collecting from their faucet and came the day of what they promise to add funds.

Here's the result after cashing out to my faucethub.
Confirmation from faucethub
Checking the health status from the faucet lists.
I happen to see the health as "EMPTY" when I tested cashing out, good thing they have added funds and the Health status is up again.

Just a screenshot confirmation from email from faucethub
Final update, recently Elena just updated all members account and considered as bots thus resetting all earning and referrals to Zero.

Final say is to stay away from this "SCAM" site who simply did not pay those hard earned satoshi that you collected for weeks including your referrals and just took it down as bots, these are unfair to all who have invested in time collecting just to reach the minimum payout.

Don't forget to share to warn others! Thanks!
"if it sounds too good to be true"
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    1. I used to trust the site before since it managed to pay when you reach the minimum payout but recently after their major update resetting all earnings and referrals and considered as bots is quite unforgivable because of the time you invested collecting from their faucet and with just one update they just reset to zero which is unfair, they could have at least settled all balances before doing the update. thanks for dropping by