Monday, August 28, 2017


As mentioned before I made a review on that WCX which is preparing also for its ICO starting by October 1, 2017 and is also giving away 50WCX tokens that is said to have a value of $5 just by signing up.

With this, there are many mix reactions if this new company on beta launch before it starts on October 1, 2017 is a scam or legit.
Most speculate that WCX is run by  that checking from you won't get any info on owners behind WCX.
Of course Whaleclub as per registration have been around 2014.
So WCX aim to provide lower fees to address the problem of exchange sites from being inefficient and being costly as what they claim in their whitepaper .

They aim to be the largest and to be loved digital currency in the world. So what can you find out from their homepage is just a simple sign up/log in form and some calculator and their long term strategy.

To stay in the loop simply connect with their twitter account.

You may also try to read a lengthy discussion here at where the thread starter claim to be from a WCXofficial with the title "WCX – Low-Cost Crypto Exchange built by Apple & Wall St team"

Here's a sample look from their homepage.
wcx homepage
If you sign up and want to get a free 50 WCX coin is this simple form to sign up with.
What would be the value or worth of this WCX coin?
I have seen this being promoted in Facebook already and other forums. Take note as per their whitepaper holders of WCX tokens will be entitled to receive a share of WCX's revenue which is 20%.

If this will materialize then its a great passive income won't you agree? So click the sign up button now.
key dates to take note of
Final say is to join wcx as a free member only and take advantage of the free 50 WCX given away that you can receive upon sign up and for every member you refer using your link. Again as a reminder you don't need to invest as we still give the site with the "benefit of the doubt" since we all heard that these ICO's are prone to pump and dump and we don't have a clue yet on owners running this site.

After a long wait they failed to pay as to their own promises as they find a way that you won't get paid by going for KYC set up, if your referred members failed to do so, you won't get paid.

Totally scam for my own take as you don't even know who signed up under your link that you can communicate to remind them to undergo the KYC requirement.
Feel free to drop your comments below.

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