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I came across another talked about online opportunity over the net which is USI TECH promoted by where once you try to access its homepage you are presented with a lengthy YouTube video that runs 36:34 minutes.

Quite a boring presentation with that kind of length would you think? From the very beginning a name of Tak who starts up introducing himself on his background and as one of the founders of this club member of USI? as he mentioned from 0:10 minutes and later on mentioned how he came across about USI from a friend of his and his SPONSOR Mike Kiefer from USI Tech(Master Distributor) talking about this Forex trading robot to start making money.
Around 2:00 min. from the video he started to mention if you are here to make some extra income, or maybe one day you decide to leave your job or just to get that dream or whatever you want that you may find some value with this business.

As he said, before he involve himself in the business he sets 3 things to evaluate like leadership, product and compensation plan as his criteria, but later on confess that what really attracted him to join (at 2:29) he said there is no pressure to recruit and no selling, you can actually earn money with RECRUITING and no selling.

That statement just made my day, I mean what happened to those 3 criteria mentioned from he first place? Not quite convincing with the shaky voice while he speaks as if he is speaking on stage with a crowd but merely behind a camera yet he's voice is quite trembling at the start. 

Moving on with the presentation at 2:54 is the USI background where it is registered in Dubai, with founders Jao Severino and Ralf Gold.
With one of the founders Jao Severino, this is the result if you try to dig deeper. Click above image to view its full size. You can click here.

Then with some search through comments from YouTube videos I found one comment from one who claim to be living in Dubai for almost 4 years. Click image to view its full size.
Other source you may wish to read claiming some proofs here.

Searching for other videos I came about this one by OJ Jordan and upon reaching the Skype interview section, I taught I just saw someone while watching the video, is that Charles?! I'm not referring to Ralf Gold but the other guy on a bigger screen.

Just to remind you again of Charles Scoville who run Traffic Monsoon with those ad packs starting from $50 and after 55 days you will get back $55 now turned into scam and on going trial, good for him and may he find himself a good place to stay in jail.

No different with My Paying Ads selling ad packs until their PayPal account got frozen also a "rev share" type of program like TM.

It was basically being compensated from payments or investments from new members who buys those ad packs which why SEC charged TM as ponzi.

When PayPal lifted a freeze on Charles' Traffic Monsoon instead of paying back to his members the money, he rather transferred to other bank accounts including one of his own account at JP Morgan.

The fact that he promised to open a Traffic Monsoon Bank registered in Dubai, which makes  also quite shady as it is registered in Dubai with a different name for the contact details instead of Jao Severino or Ralf Gold but to Francesco Fusco. Click image to view its full size. details
Going back to the Skype interview at 15:56 Ralf Gold himself says that 95% invested by members will be managed by 3rd parties or what he called as served partners or served companies who are specialized to do the mining and trading on their behalf because they are more professionals and long years in the business while they are new in the market?! Click image to view its full size.

Plus they claim to have the biggest mining in Europe but prefer not to disclose the name of the company that members might directly contact them and no longer go through Usi-Tech. Take note that they are not mining bitcoins but Altcoins as mentioned from the interview which is more profitable and easier as claimed.

So what does it have to do with Charles Scoville that I have to mention in this review, well if you look out of the product of Usi-Tech is more on software (automated) that is used and installed on trading platform for Forex market.  Click image to view its full size.

The thing that came out as new new offering by Usi-Tech is this bitcoin packages which will give you 40% returns after 140 working days with a daily payout of 1%.

Again sounds like the same scheme used before from TM, MPA, include those other HQrevshares , Unirevshare that all turned as scam since they can not sustain paying each members once every member stop buying ad packs and just wait for new members to sign up which is totally a pyramid scheme.

If they claim that there will be trading and mining involve at least they show some live trading accounts being managed and try to hide personal info of a certain account to protect its members privacy.

Since they might be compared to Ardexfunds who have this typical kind of structure involving investments from each members as they claim to do the trades for them as they will be receive payments depending on their investment amount with an investment period and paid daily.
With other members promoting like ads that look like this is "too good too be true".
One point I want to raise is one of their payment options named as 2PAY4YOU that when you check at Companies House you get some results like accounts for a dormant company.
checking at Companies House.
Update received from USI-Tech
If you want to burn your money from this type of "get-rich-quick"scheme go ahead, just don't forget to be generous by donating some by signing up from my link here if you insist joining. You have been warned!

For some worthwhile readings you may also check this review from this site (here) or a thread from bitcointalk (here).

Final say is to stay away from these "too good to be true" sites offering such easy money which is quite a hit to new comers which may be a waste of your time if they do not pay. Why not go directly and buy bitcoins and hold until its price strikes up like from coinbase.

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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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