Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Here's a quick review of another site being circulated in Facebook and from the looks of it, its too good to be true.

It only requires you to share your link and you get $1 for  unique visitors (from the US) that I can not find how the site will sustain itself to pay out its members with this kind of  scheme of just promoting without any AdSense banners or promotional ads/offers.

The name of the site is and still new and got registered only last August 22, 2017 when using look up.
Such a  promise to compensate you with $1 from unique visitors that you can bring to their site using your  referral link and sharing to social media platforms is too good to be true.
You can not find any details of its owners when you try to browse to their homepage, no section on about us and address of business.
No additional details and could not find any TOS or Privacy policy etc, the support tab is simply a contact form without any numbers to contact for inqueries or concerns.
You can also find the section make more money that upon checking are just an affiliate link from the owner, this way he/she can earn commissions from you.
make more money section
Now if you try to click each link you will be presented with the affiliate link named "johnjolie".
Same goes with take surveys link with "johnjolie"
Also with the link another affiliate with still by "johnjolie"

With regards if they will pay you? I doubt since there is see no monetization or ads from the site itself
, no membership fees/upgrades of some sort that would sustain and pay its registered members unless it will be taken from the commissions he/she will earn from those who sign up from his/her affiliate links from make more money section.

Last red flag I may consider is the payment set up wherein it asks you for your full name, as I have used Paypal to Payza etc long enough and never encountered a given company asked for my full name but just the email is more than enough to have a transaction.
Final say is to stay away from these types of sites making big promises but have no business model that it can provide on how it will sustain the site or company nor have any promotional ads posted from their site.

Don't forget to share to warn others and stop wasting time promoting this kind of scam sites! 
"if it sounds too good to be true"
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