Monday, August 28, 2017


I'm not the first one to make a review on this as I just receive one from my mailer list regarding

Out of curiosity I simply sign up and just from the presentation plan, there was totally no product involved but simply focuses on recruiting others to join.

Check from this presentation plan here to see for yourself.

Some claim it has a product but I could see none at all. Others will try to defend this site because they only want for easy money.

Get rich quick scheme as I may say, with no real identity of owners of this site as per though its domain was registered almost a year a go (September 2016)
The fact that I tried to check to whom I will be paying just in case I want to have my account be seen on what they called as wave 1 turns out to be from
Not sure if this related with as I tried also to check out this site but not yet totally complete with all "coming soon" message when you try to check out its terms, privacy and contact us details from their homepage plus it seems to promote forex soon
To get activated you need to forward at least $20 for two people at $10 each.
What's next after wave 2? You need to donate another $25/each for 3 persons and that would be $75 same goes to other waves you will be forced to send payment again to get activated, the higher you go the higher fees involved.
Its no different to one sample of a forced matrix I joined two years ago offering ads credits that you need to level up and get more credits at the same time those under you will pay you and you need to activate them as well.

This time offers no products that you may use or resell at all but more focused on recruiting people to join under you so that they will pay you and have them activated.

I forgot one site when you will donate certain amount then you can request for help and other members will pour in then goes with another member when a notification that someone requested for help you are also obliged to donate.

Letsmultiply is like a ladder type where you pay every level to get activated and be included in the list which they just termed it as waves so you can just imagine what if your on top and those under you  can never recruit members to join under them will end up donating their money to you without gaining anything.

Here's a nice review that you may also read for additional reference (here)

Final say is I can not recommend such site its just a typical sample of pyramid scheme where you earn from other's people money without any goods/products or services that you received when paying out those $20 just to activate wave 1.
"if it sounds too good to be true"
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