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As the name itself its more of an advertising platform that includes earning opportunity like well known PTC sites with its paid to click program.

If you read from one of their blogs it states that it's a networking company (here). So whenever we hear of networking companies most of them are associated with pyramid scheme.
The fact that they claim that they are legit and registered to DTI which is true, but honestly anyone can register to DTI via online without any scrutiny by the government since you are only registering for the name of your company.

Here's a sample screenshot for DTI e-payment. Click images below to view its full size.
DTI does not guarantee and assure you that a company is legit, as mentioned it is only for business name registration and does not go into details on how the company will run the business.
If someone invites you to a company bragging that it is DTI registered, think twice or ten times before you involve yourself.
Owner from whois.com is unknown and hidden but being posted in Facebook is owned by Grant Anthony Yuro Ojena from Camarines Norte Philippines.

Here's a photo of owner so people may know who runs the company. You may check it out from this link (here)

As per his Facebook account they are setting up an office but haven't disclosed yet the exact location.

Well this is good so they can build trust to its members that they have a physical office to start with and not just an online type of company like most online scammers now a days.

One red flag for my own opinion would be the bank accounts where members deposit for their upgrade is directly to the owner's personal account which looks like a one man show running the site, hired a website developer and purchased a domain name from NameCheap etc.
Now here come's the part of the networking of the company, as a FREE member you are only allowed with 10 clicks per day for viewing ads, 25 for starter and 50 for premium members.

How much per click? $0.001 per ads and if your a free member and limited to 10 ads that would be $0.01 a day. That would be $0.025/day for starters and $0.05/day for premium.

Minimum withdrawal is $10 so you do the math how many days for a free member, starter and premium could achieve the $10 threshold disregarding any referrals yet to get an idea if you can really earn from their PPC job offer.

Basically the PPC job is just a front but the main way to earn is actually by recruiting other members and preferably if they upgrade since they will be forced to anyway.

You will only earn from your direct referrals once they upgrade their account either Starter or Premium but I can not confirm if you need to upgrade first for you to receive those rewards since the presentation below which I encircled with red says upgraded account.
As per your referral clicks you are only entitled to have those commissions from your referral clicks once you have upgraded your account to starter or premium so it seems you really need to upgrade to get commissions.
What would be the cost per upgrade?
Price are cheap from ₱900($18) to ₱1500($30) which is lifetime with those bundled credits for you to advertise your links or blogs but of course those credits are not lifetime, only the membership that is why every time your referrals purchased ads you get some sales rebates.
Plus you also earn from bonus points...
You earn from your indirect referrals...
from 5th direct bonuses...
from fast start bonus that would mean ₱30,000 for them and you get ₱5000 reward for your efforts, where you must invite at least 20 people to upgrade to Premium account within 31 days?
Other means to earn is via profit sharing but needs to recruit 5 premium members to qualify, then if your qualified to the profit sharing you are also entitled to what they call as share rewards where lucky members are picked and rewarded with cash or gadget.

Again looking at their ways to earn at JuanAds as shown below simply is more on recruiting as the PPC jobs is almost at the end of their list
The ads are just to show that they have a product involved to shun away from being tagged having a pyramid scheme relying on every member's upgrade.

The question is how reliable are the ads provided? Actually when I browse their site most ads that were advertised are scam sites.
I can't blame if they can't screen every ads posted since the more ads for them brings money to the site. Like what I mentioned before that even google AdSense also promote some scam sites which can not be avoided but at least somehow some moderators would try to filter out since most members from them might join such programs.

Join date July 21, 2017
Testing those free credits as free member well I'm quite skeptical about it since upon managing my ads I saw it as pending but when I returned to check, it was already consumed wow that was fast!
When I try to check from my site status on that day, guess what I only got from those 500 credits...
Comparing to traffic exchange site that I used with banner ad credits before which I get more impressions in a day.
How will the company sustain? Definitely with those upgrades from members with the use of bundles so called "Ads credits", which is not different from those revenue sharing sites promoting ad packs like those controversial Trafficmonsoon, HQRevshare, MPA, etc.

They claim to have a store that would add up to the revenue to pay out its members but comprise only of t-shirts.
Again not every member who will join this have a site or blog to promote nor have referral links from other programs that they can make use of those ads credits, some will just ignore those credits and focus on recruiting other members because its a must.

Some won't even know how to set up those banner ads, text ads, nor aware of what is URL. Not all are tech savvy they just have some smart phones but don't even know how to fully operate all its features.

You can not even earn a decent amount from the PPC job they claim with the limited ads you are provided even if you are a starter or premium to which most members will simply won't focus into but more on inviting others to join.

Not all are good marketeers and we all know that recruiting others is one of the hardest part to achieve specially when it involves some investments. I have known a legit PTC site that requires only $17 upgrade for premium membership did not even clicked for my referrals that out of 25 only 1 made the premium purchase.

Its your money at stake, if you are willing to put into this kind of networking without real tangible products then its up to you.

Final say is I can not recommend such site even with the good intention of providing opportunity to make money online but if you look at the structure those ad credits are just totally cover up that the main goal for you to earn is recruiting others and expecting them to upgrade which I can say a typical sample of pyramid scheme.
"if it sounds too good to be true"
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  1. juanads is amazing... it gives wonderful and bunch of opportunities all in 1. love it.

    1. that's nice to hear I do hope you were able to maximize your earnings with those upgrades and promoting through their ad credits in which not all are good as networkers, congrats!

    2. I've got juanads account but sadly, I can't log it in now, i don't know what's the problem, I make sure to put the right password.. what i worry about is,I put my personal information in it. I'm scared they might use my information to scam me or used my information to scam someone... by the way I've got two account, mine and the other one is my mother's account.

    3. Have you tried to contact their support? or may be clicked on forgot password so you may get a confirmation to reset? Its not totally to scam you but some (not all) collect your information and they will sell it out to the black market if you ever heard about emails being sold to shady companies that will bombard you with spam emails. I have joined many online sites already and only use my personal email if I know that its totally legit and if it requires my real name for the cash out, but if you find sites that payout via cryptocurrencies like bitcoins or does not require you to input your real name but just ask for paypal email address I usually used a second account not revealing my own identity and address. I didn't say Juanads as scam but I just don't recommend for the "networking" part as means of paying its members through upgrades, if they will open up more products aside from t-shirts and push with the loading business to boost their revenue to pay out its members and make those ad credits targeting more audience (SEO friendly)then its safe to join.

    4. Join now!i will help you...

  2. ia this legit or scam?

    1. if you are comfortable with the business model on recruiting others to join and get commissions from their upgrades without tangible products then its up to you to decide,

      until they add more sources of revenue to sustain their company like other investments as they promised on loading business and their products like t-shirts would be safe,

      as of now I only see their source of income is through the upgrades and if members will buy those ad credits.

      besides they them selves posted from one of their blog that its a networking company so expect for recruiting others and earn from your down lines.

      they pay as long as other members join and pay for the upgrades and purchase of ad credits, if there will be no more members to join and purchase ad credits you know what will happen.

      good luck

    2. wow i earned 1 peso for 2 days clicking hahahaha

    3. no basis, its easy to create blogs. juanads now is 7 months old. and registered to BIR.with complete business permit. if you think juanads is SCAM why don't you report to government...lol Today is January 20, 2018.

    4. if you read closely I only presented their business model and let people decide if they are comfortable to make investments without any tangible products in return, that is why I don't recommend it on my part, but its up to you to join at your own risk besides it was not quoted as Juan Ads as scam ,so relax I even commented that if they can sustain the company with other revenues aside from those upgrades so that it won't fall under ponzi and pyramid schemes would be better for all members.

    5. your blog is all about SCAMALERTREVIEW? heller! are you joking look at the title of your blog...Telling members fake news without any basis...don't spread wrong info. to those online business...your slanderous.

    6. its only a title for the domain and does not generalize all as each POST has its own title either legit or not, even long running legit ptc sites like neobux, clixsense to name a few are included in the review as well and it also has the scam alert when indexed in google, its not fake news but all based from how the company is running their business (system) to sustain and pay its members which is more on recruitment and upgrade of each new members were you get some commission, its up to readers to discern in the end if they are willing to risk or not. I'm not against the company only the system they run unless as I have said come up with other revenues to make the company more sustainable then that would be good, hope that is clear for you.

      other reviews with the same sentiment on the system you can check it out from these links

  3. We need answers lol is it a scam? Or not

    1. The title is in a form of a question and did not stated as scam and as one of their blog admit that its a networking company, hence you are simply earning from other member's upgrade which I personally not recommend to others since if you won't recruit and they did not upgrade you won't earn a decent profit, you have your own choice to join its your money not mine, this is only for awareness that earning from other member's upgrade and done by recruiting is under pyramiding. As I will keep on saying if they will have other tangible products in exchange of their member's investment then that would be better so they won't be categorized under "pyramiding", you don't need to follow my recommendation to stay away if you don't want to accept the fact that you need to recruit to earn big. I repeat I am not against the company only the business model that they run that categorize it under pyramiding, but if you are happy enough to earn from other member's upgrade money then so be it I'm not forcing you, There's a big difference of Reading vs Comprehension its not about the gain or profit that would make it legit in the long run but how their business model works to sustain their company. Check above links of other sentiments by other bloggers.