Sunday, August 6, 2017


I'm still currently testing out this free online service providing directory of online banking, money transfers and electronic currency services. 

So basically they are the ones who are in charge of finding the best and trusted electric currency exchange services like from Payza to Skrill, Paypal to Bitcoin etc having the best exchange rates as they claim.
Every exchange sites as claimed by have been thoroughly investigated before listed from their site. Hence they also ask the participation of every member to make any negative testimonials on exchanges whom they experience some problems with, as Administrators from such sites coordinates with their monitoring team that they can be temporarily excluded until issues are resolved.

When checking no data on owners running the site, but the time of registration was 1997 which makes them almost 2 decades running. Click image to view its full size.
I tried to search for complaints regarding and so far I can trace some posts from way back in 2012 on at least two listed "verified" exchange sites as complainants claim namely and cash4wm to which to this date of course no longer listed.

Another thread also from came about in 2013 claiming on cash4wm and technocashier that the negative feedback posted for both were removed by as what the Thread starter posted.

For my opinion since they are just pure directory linking sites, that even they manage to filter each site, somehow can not guaranty that 100% that what they list would act accordingly and would honestly perform their services truthfully.

The sense that they don't own these companies that they could not make any sanctions except to delist them from their site and in no way can run after these tricksters.

Even AdSense can not filter out all those advertisers if legal or scams. You may read here. But more or less since AdSense is paying each members that somehow we consider as legit in monetizing our own website or blogs.

Even e-bay for one, that there are also sellers who are scammers and most likely they are on look out for newbie buyers who are more vulnerable. You may read it here.

Therefore we must also do our own research not because it is promoted that we simply make necessary transaction, we may want to check out for some feedback, its rating and how their CS manages complaints/issues thrown against them by previous users.

We are making transactions online so we should always take note of the risks, since we make transactions without a face but merely by pure emails, names, and other contact details only, unless there are services who conducts Skype transactions that we may know whom we are transacting with.

Now I have seen lots of post from Facebook promoting their affiliate link that every time you send a unique visitor to their site at least you get paid as basic rate of $0.04 as per terms and conditions.

The best thing is you can request for payout once you reach the amount of $1.00 earned from sending visitors to their site. Click image to view its full size.
As per FAQ launched 2007 which is 10 years ago up to this date of review.  Since it is free to join I highly recommend and nothing to loose, signing up just takes at least 2 minutes. Just click on the Affiliate tab and input your information needed.
And you can start promoting your links, banners etc to social media (no to traffic exchange sites and PTC, and other sites blocked by their system as per terms) Click here to make an account (HERE).

Here's just a sample screenshot when you have valid referrals and unique visitors.
Just an update on my affiliate account
Here's a short video of

Aside from unique clicks and referral commissions I also found at the lower portion on the left side bar they do have bitcoin faucet where you can collect every 60 minutes. You may click button below to claim your BTC now.
Simple tasks just like any other faucet, you just input your BTC wallet and solve captcha and claim.
Minimum 5000 Satoshi for withdrawal.
Just like ordinary faucets where you wait every 60 minutes to claim your bitcoins(satoshis)
If you got lucky you get higher satoshis.
Ready for cash out reaching the 5000 minimum withdrawal.
bitcoin faucet
5k minimum
You earn quickly once you hit higher satoshi values per claim...
faucet paying 2017
Here's a quick screenshot on payment received from bestchange faucet.
Email confirmation received.
My 3rd cash out from site no longer requires the minimum 5k as I was able to withdraw less than 5k as shown below.
An email confirmation after receiving my 3rd payout.

Transaction history and earnings

Final say is to join and start earning by promoting your links to others with ZERO investment. Good luck! Join me by signing up here or clicking below button.

Aside from the faucet they have you can also earn as an affiliate promoting their site without any investment needed.
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    1. yes, already got my 2nd payment from their faucet, for the affiliate haven't reach yet the minimum $1 payout

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    1. once you reach the minimum a request payout button will appear, sample above screenshot with the request payout button for reference.

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