Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Being online since 2007 when I joined my first PTC site, my interests in joining forums was not my cup of tea.

Though, most of the time when I try to search for something that I need via online if I'm not directed to a blog/site I'm directed to some forums for some answers.
Only later I found out that even joining from forums you are rewarded for being active and placing some relevant posts for each member to read by.

You also earn from signature campaigns etc but requires a minimum number of post to get qualified. Now I found another forum named BeerMoneyForum where each member is rewarded with BMF coins that can be exchanged to $ and can be received via Paypal.

Just note that 1000BMF coins=$1.00 (fees from Paypal included already)

As per whois.com owner decided to make identity concealed.
Registered since 2016 but with hidden details on owner but when you try to visit the forum you will meet and learn the admin named as Mr.B, well we could say Mr. Beerman since the name of the forum is BeerMoney well you can label it as you want it to be.
Though not really about drinking the type of brands of beer being discussed but more on how to make money online which is a great site to hang out with with members sharing their online experience either of scam or legit sites etc.

Here's an update with Mr. B in action in one of his Youtube videos where you can see him sharing tips on how to make earn online.
What puzzled me though is that I saw some members joined since 2014 if it was only registered 2016, while some reviews I read it states that BeerMoney forum started 2017.
Here's another member being a member since 2014

Mr. B is active within the site and done a lot of YouTube videos found here about earning online and some tutorials and reviews.

Here's a sample of one of his videos on BeerMoney Forum.
If some think why admin does not support cryptocurrency as payment and prefers Paypal as he mentioned to one of his posts that transfer fees is much higher compared to direct payment from Paypal,

The fact that admin admitted himself is not into bitcoins as you can read from this thread
So how do you earn BMF coins? Here's just screenshot where admin posted.
Admin also running a current contest for you to earn BMF coins, the best part is joining and signing up is free and does not require any investment.

You can also redeem 100BMF right away as a new member  by using the code SMART.

Here's another  code to claim 100BMF  as newbies BMFisBEST.
Here's how you can claim your 100 BMF. Sign up first and once you are logged in click on your wallet upper right corner of the page.
BMF Wallet
Now choose and click on your BMF Coins as shown above (Don't worry you will be rewarded from your daily log in with BMF coins).
Click on REDEEM as shown above.
Simply place the redemption code and click save.
Congrats! You will receive your 100 MBF from your wallet. Invite more and earn 500 BMF from your referrals once they have at least made 50 posts from the site.

Another referral contest being run from the forum that ends this October 31, 2017 with bigger prices. 75k BMF coins=$75.00 so hurry and join!

So far many members have already posted some payment proofs received from the admin.

Join and take advantage of what you can learn that maybe you can find legit sites that you can add up to your money making sites, the BMF will just be a bonus as you can use those BMF coins to reward others to sign up to your promoted links or simply use that to reward members to visit your blogs gaining organic traffic.

You may also check this review I found for additional reading (here).

Final say is to join and start earning BMF coins by being active daily and posting to other threads, plus get the chance to learn some money making sites and tutorials being shared by other members either on how to start a blog or a website to promote your products and so on.
Feel free to drop your comments below.

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