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I'm sure you have heard about steemit.com where you can post your own story and once it got up-voted by other members you earn monetary reward in the form of tokens named Steem or US Dollar (Steem Dollars).

You may watch some testimonials from other members in YouTube sharing their experience about Steemit.com if you can be convinced since they also showed their actual account and how much they made from their stories.
Steemit launched last year of March, then ADZbuzz registered last May 19, 2016 as per whois.com and registered in the Philippines but the country used was BE (Belgium) plus the contact numbers used points out to another site before.
ADZbuzz owner is registered to Loreen Estillore but looking up when you search the contact details will point you out to Startrevshare.com that is under Jens Steyaert. 
You might be interested by looking up at Companies House registration only thing is there is a conflict of office address when they are actually registered in the Philippines as per whois.com.
So is Loreen or Jens the same person? Obviously not as try to check out its tweeter and some linked photo and you simply say Jens is the guy with shades and Loreen is the one on black shirt. In whois.com Loreen Estillore is used under the contact details while on linked profile you see Jens Steyaert as the CEO of ADZbuzz. Click images to view its full size.
Now searching for reviews for startrevshare.com that we all know that most revshare sites before turned scam like Trafficmonsoon, HQRevshare etc.
If you try to look into the facebook account posted in Netbusiness you won't be able to find it and if you try to search for Jens Steyaert will come up with three Steyaert which is definitely different from above photos.
not available Facebook account
other Jens Steyaert
Here's a snap shot taken from an old thread on realscam.com on Jens Linked profile but now the linked profile as shown above with Loreen, read the thread here for more details on informative discussion on Startrevshare.
One complaint I read about Startrevshare posting their conversation with Jens calling him a thief , scammer and liar can be read here. The complaint was submitted early of March 2016 since Startrevshare was registered September of 2015.
Later the post was updated 08/24/2016 retracting his own complaint against Jens and said he can be trusted in his new business endeavor.
So that's just a short overview on Startrevshare which I may say is connected in Adzbuzz in a way that both is actually owned by Jens Steyaert but just made use of the name of Loreen Estillore when they registered ADZbuzz domain.

Since Steemit is declaring its own cryptocurrency, ADZbuzz also has its own calling it as ADZcoin.

Then how would you earn from ADZbuzz? Here's just a copy paste from their adzlife blog (here) with some notes in red.

You earn by:

1) Logging into your ADZbuzz Account Daily:
(This sounds like pluggle.com.ph with the same model of personal bonus log in activity except that in pluggle there is a limit and there's a FEE to activate before you earn from your log in)-refer to my Pluggle.com.ph review here.

ADZbuzz will pay you daily ADZcoin earnings simply for logging into your ADZbuzz account to discover amazing content online. It really is that simple. Already removed

 2) Adding the ADZlink to your Blog Website:
(This sounds like google adsense, propeller ads etc to monetize your blogs/websites but requires a PAID domain not free hosted like blogger, weebly, wordpress etc)

This method of earning is mainly for bloggers. ADZbuzz has a tool called the ADZlink that is designed to give bloggers more traffic and exposure to their content, plus an extra passive monetization stream for their blog.

3) Activating the Done For You (DFY) Advertising Option:
(This requires payment and purchase of ADZcoin but does not disclose how many impressions per ADZcoin as it only says impressions will depend on how many ADZcoin you have, so basically this is just like buying impressions for your ads exposure like with the other revshare sites before that you can distribute and promote your own ads after buying adpacks or like buying credits from PTC sites to advertise.)-read later on the note below.

This is probably my favorite method so far of earning on ADZbuzz as it is 100% passive. The DFY-option can be used to have your ADZcoin earnings – that you earn on ADZbuzz from any method – work for you passively to further grow your income stream.

Earning thru Referrals
1) Earn Passively From Referrals Daily Logging in Activity:
(This sounds like pluggle.com.ph with the same model of group bonus log in activity but simply termed it as rev sharing under member's pool but the big difference is no investment needed)-refer to my Pluggle.com.ph review here.

Referrals that you have shared ADZbuzz with would earn you a daily passive income stream every time they earn from logging into their account daily.

They have launched a new way to earn from referrals when they claim the free 100 tokens each day while you get 10 tokens as rewards which is nice and you will earn also from profit sharing as you hold those tokens or you may simply sell it at their exchange site.

2) Earn Passively From Referrals that Add the ADZlink to their Blog:
(Same like propellerads referral program earning from every invites and get acommissions from the revenue they make as publishers)

If you refer someone that adds the ADZlink to their blog then as their sponsor you would also earn passively as well.

3) Earn Referral Commissions From Referral Purchases:
(Same as SFI tripleclicks store that you get commissions from every members purchase at the store)

ADZbuzz will have products and services whereby if any of your referrals purchase or use them you would generate referral commissions as a result even in USD. One of the most recent examples that has just been launched is the ADZbuzz Services platform.

Take note:
So long as you have ADZcoins in your DFY-disabled balance you can submit as many ads as you wish to promote on ADZbuzz. All your ads would receive distributed impressions (i.e. exposure) equally based on the amount of ADZcoins you own. The less ADZcoins you own the less exposure your ads would receive, but the more ADZcoins you own the more life-long exposure your ADZcoins would receive.

Bear that in mind if you own a little bit of ADZcoins and submitting multiple ads that each ad would receive very little exposure each, unless you BUY MORE ADZcoins!

This is just a sample screenshot of the member's pool rev. sharing where you can earn from just by logging in daily. A good read for explanation of the other pools by reading here.
I may say that ADZbuzz has a great concept of combining website monetization style like adsense/propellerads etc at the same time being a social platform media with revenue sharing by every active referrals logging in daily, only if it can sustain then it would be nice.

For the mean time I am using ADZbuzz to promote my blogs and see if  I can get some traffic from other members aside from posting to my Facebook page and the earnings will just be a bonus if they will pay.
You can also add the ADZlink to your website (make sure it is a paid domain and not just powered by wordpress or blogger) to monetize your sites and get more traffic.

How to add ADZlink from your website/blog that was powered by blogger tutorial (here).

For invitational code you may use this code790b5a903ae6c8f1d9355d9155913aca

Details you may watch this video.

If you want to try it for free without investment you can sign up by clicking button below.

Final say is to join adzbuzz as a free member only and earn from logging in daily and from the daily pool being distributed with every active referral you have (referral's log in activity). Since its still on beta I would still give the benefit of the doubt and let's see how it goes if it can sustain and  if it can pay out its member since signing up is free and you are not forced to make any purchase.

Feel free to drop your comments below.

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