Saturday, July 29, 2017


Ever heard of TE sites or simply called as traffic exchange sites?Sure you do especially if your an author of a blog or website but if this is your first time then by the word alone itself you already get the idea.

Traffic is the bloodline for any site as try to remove traffic and no one gets to buy your product/service you want to offer, or no leads or conversions and if you are into advertising ads then you won't get any profit from advertisers if you get no traffic coming along.

By the name itself you will exchange traffic with another member with their own site as you try to view their site as they view yours as well. Here you get credits or points and you may use these accumulated points or credits to promote and expose your site to others.

Good thing you get to use these sites for free, if you want some geotargeting way of promoting sites to lessen the bounce rate etc. you will be asked to upgrade your membership. Just to give you some sample of traffic exchange that I used that somehow gave me some good results are easyhits4u and hitleap.

When I started making blogs and website tutorials without the use of these TE sites my views before were too low and not much traffic as shown from my stats below with only 12 views.
Here after making some research on how to get traffic and on how to make more exposures I learned about the use of these traffic exchange sites then I started to get more views after a month of usage.
You can see the difference from 12 views to 266 views in just a month just by using TE sites like easyhits4u(manual) and hitleap (on auto). You just be consistent by viewing ads everyday and adding those earned credits to your sites in easyhits4u to gain more traffic, while in hitleap you simply run their auto hitleap viewer which is more convenient and just let it run in your computer.
I was not much into social media like Facebook or twitter when promoting my sites since it contains links that they considered it as spam.

But again don't expect too much from these two or other traffic exchange sites, you will only use these to provide some exposures to your sites in that way it will be easily seen from search engines one's it get a lot of traffic as it helps to improve your alexa ranking and be noticed.

Depending on what you are promoting as my site was about tutorials and I used to monetize those download links and used TE to get more traffic for viewers to get involve with my site in the long run.

Remind you that TE sites are not suitable for those running AdSense ads or any monetized ads that prohibits the use of TE so make sure to check first from their TOS (terms of service). Knowing that even those offering paid traffics you can not be sure if they are giving you real traffic but sometimes are fake traffics.

Real traffic can only be attained if you personally have direct communications like email, chats etc where you engage directly with real people or prospect clients and not rely on paid ads or paid traffics or TE sites.

Here's just a sample from earnings made from easyhits4u after reaching its minimum payout of $3.00 simply click image to view its full size.
Final say is to join as a free member only and earn $0.30 per 1000 views you make in easyhits4u and get paid via Paypal once you reached $3.00, whereas for hitleap you get max $30 cash commission from every purchase from your referrals.

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