Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Another new mining site of crypto-currencies with the ability to use up to 218 % purchased power Gh/s. The site claims that you can earn from 3 % to 7 % per day from your investments. If you register you get even 100 Gh/s for free!

Will people still believe this kind of crap? Have they not learn their lessons from Hashocean, Topmine, Bitsrapid, Startminer to name a few? Even without checking from their website has no info who the owners are, no details at all .

Just looking at their homepage compared to for one has some kind of similarities at first glance with the background rendition and the kind of dark shade theme template of their website.

From shows this name Nake T Kamaro under its registrant contact with an organization set to "Private person" and country code AT or Austria. Just try to google out if you can find a state "Tsen" and city "Keln" in Austria if you can find one.

If you are still skeptical on what I am saying, here's just a sample screenshot from FAQ section from that statement alone I hope you would already agree and whether or not you give your trust to these kind of sites. Click image to view its full size.

Plus make sure to read from their FAQ, terms and conditions etc if they have one and other details that you should know before you decide to join any programs online particularly when it involves some money.

This type of mining site without complete details should already warn you to stay away or should I say not to trust any mining sites online offering huge interest rates by investing money from them. Can you imagine earning 90% to 210% a month from your investment.

If you want to earn bitcoins there are other ways like directly buying bitcoins and sell it later when the price goes up rather than giving it away for free for these scammers.

Final say is to stay away from these types of ponzi schemes making big promises of returns but will only run away with your hard earned money.

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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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