Thursday, July 20, 2017


One of the longest running PTC site since 2008 upto this date of review. There are many reactions regarding how legitimate this site would be. More or less they do pay their members once the minimum payout is reached.

Little do we know about the owner whose name as Fernando without a surname in reference to the interview from even checking from site will give no clue who the owner is.

This could been a red flag already but they have managed to stay in the business for almost 9years and has proven so far that they are legit and still paying its members.

The only main issue of Neobux is more on the rented referals that I personally feel the same way that they are providing BOTS as referrals that suddenly its percentage on clicking ads will drop dramatically.

Every time you make a recycle which also requires for fees or points won't give you good returns in the end and honestly results are disappointing. Also if you make any negative post from their forum section expect your account will be banned from posting until they will lift the ban I guess for a year like what have happened with me.

The bad side on renting referrals aside from being bots in my own opinion (due to their abnormal clicking activity) is when your rented referal expires you will still be charged for some fees from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership/pack.

For their ad packages don't expect for a 100%   genuine or "real people" visiting your site/landing pages as you won't get much from it especially when promoting other PTC sites or any sites that have referral programs. You will get some sign ups, yes I agree with that but I doubt also if they will last a year as I have tried also before promoting other PTC site named Clixsense but few remained consistent and still with me today.

When buying ads its just a good way to have your website or blogs get some exposures and get higher rank from search engines but never expect too much for conversions since they might be bots as well. That's how I observe from those who signed up under me that I have gained from placing ads with Neobux.

If you won't read their terms of service  particularly on viewing those fixed advertisement (four ads orange color) on what they call as local and server time, you won't be credited from your referrals click activities.

The site is so simple to work with, just create an account for free and start earning from viewing ads, and doing some offers like surveys, tasks and more.  Check this sample link for an overview how to get started.

If you have the patience to view ads with lots of direct referrals who are also into PTC, then you may try it if its worth of your time but remind you not to invest in their rented referral program but if you insists then its all upto you, maybe we were not able to manage it properly the recycling process of lazy referrals that we never gain from them.

You may check out for some comments regarding their rented referral that did not worked out that's why they received low rating.

Final say is to join Neobux as a free member only and earn from viewing ads and completing offers. It has been proven and tested by many with the time span already that even without placing an investment on their RR program you can still earn from this site.

Feel free to drop your comments below.

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  1. pls do net rent a referrals on NeoBux it is SCAM I loss 7000$ since 2015 and you can see my account after jest I stopped renting referrals