Monday, July 24, 2017


Registered since 2013 under the name of Interglobal Limited and address at Suite 102, Ground Floor Blake Building, Corner Eyre & Houston Str as per whois data.  

If you try to look at the name of the company somehow you will end up with this website here which has a different address in Nigeria but carries the name of Interglobal Limited. used the same name as per registrant contact registered at Enom which is quite doubtful if this is legit or not even if its running since 2013. 

Try also to look up for their address which is found in Belize and you will end up with these two companies which in no way related to any Interglobal Limited as stated above registrant contact details.

Here's a sample screenshot details from simply click image to view its full size.
Here's a screenshot taken from offshoreleaks website.
from offshoreleaks
With those infos gathered above is quite a red flag already. The site is simply a bitcoin faucet that lets you earn satoshis per hour and can further multiply via their Hi Lo game (manual and auto) bet feature. 

So far they were just among the bitcoin faucets that managed to stay in the business after the google adsense ban on all faucets where some btc faucets closed down like for one but now donald seem to be directed to but still using the

Since most faucets rely on adsense somehow few btc faucets managed to look for alternatives without asking from members on upgrades but can stay as a free member. so far has proven and kept paying its free members including myself upto this date.

One trick to earn faster is to patiently collect all those reward points and exchange them to bonus points giving you more advantage every roll as you get the higher payout than a normal roll.
reward pints
If you do not meet the required points for the bonus point to get a higher payout, to increase your reward points is by claiming the reward points bonus instead giving you 100 rewards every roll.
Take note that once you redeem these bonuses it expires after 24 hours, at least you will still earn faster by redeeming your reward points in exchange for higher BTC payout every roll or receiving 100 rewards points every roll than the normal one.
free bonus
I advise not to play much their Hi Lo game if you stay long enough you will surely lose your bitcoins, if you won a little try to  stop and wait for another time.

If you like you may also want to try
Almost same concept but only without reward points, good way to earn some doge coin.

Final say is to join and as a free member only and earn satoshis/doge coin every roll per hour. It has been proven and tested by many without any deposits and you can still earn from this site. Again as a reminder you don't need to invest as we still give the site with the "benefit of the doubt" due to some flags on its consistency in its registrant details.

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    1. yes indeed but of course for some precautions if you hit the minimum payout just simply set to autowithdraw but if a high risk taker you can leave your btc to earn more from their daily interest.

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