Wednesday, July 19, 2017


These kind of ponzi schemes is not new already, I remember my first investment 5 years ago from Silverstructure since I myself was also new to these kinds of online investments that I did not made a thorough research.

Remember Ardexfunds, Shareholder-Ic, Coince etc just to name some have the same typical structure that they claim that they are professionals in trading. I also recall sites on oil mining and gas if you have heard about that before are totally scam.

This site is no different to rapidminers, hashocean, bitsrapid,, etc.

Why can not be trusted? Obvious reasons as always no transparent owners or founders running the company or contact details.

If they are honest and want to engage real business then somehow they must let know to the public who they are. There are no real trading as they claim, its pure earnings from every investor's investment being paid to its previous members, they do pay as a start to convince people they are legit company but will do the same trick vanishing into thin air.

While people who got started earlier claim they got paid, well those definitely taken from new members who also invested in such program. Easy money as they could say but how could you enjoy such earnings that came from other's people hard earn money.

Ethtrade just registered last year of 2016, well who knows when they will start "not paying" its members. I laughed when I run through this youtube video of someone promoting this ethtrade site where one commented that he already withdrawn around $25k after 2 years of being a member at ethtrade.

Only fools would believe such claims when the company just got registered last year. People just love easy money without any effort by just inviting others to join under their links.

I would rather invest in stocks than giving my money to these con artists, this way I am in control of managing my own portfolio. Well you have been warned.

Final say is to stay away from these types of ponzi schemes making big promises of returns but will only run away with your hard earned money.

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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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