Monday, July 17, 2017


A quick review about if legit or not, well to start with is to look for owners of this site via and I'm not surprised with the results. A registrant contact set to private with registrar as we all know anyone can set up his website and get domain from such domain registrar site.

Now I tried to look into their website and no contact details, no office address as well just the where you can ask for help perhaps. Though they registered their domain name as of 2014 it would still be best to know who the owners are and  a phyical office address and contact details.

Seriously? An investment program as they claim to be with their investment plans that will yield certain percentage in a month but fail to disclose their where abouts or people behind running this company.

With this alone its already a red flad to me, and you must watch out for such companies like this one trying to allure you with high returns from their investment plans.

Even it has been launched of November 2014 but according to it has roughly reached 30 users. How can you trust someone with your hard earned money with a so called "ghost" founders and workplace.

The mere fact that they give you $25 sign up bonus which starts you to earn in Profit: ~ 0.0001 usd/min to attrack new users and the catch is after you signed up you will get daily (spam) emails from them urging you to deposit to increase your traffic.

The funny thing is once you try to click on REGISTER button from their website there is no option to choose from publisher or advertiser. So once you filled up that form you are categorized as an investor, yet they are sending you daily emails prompting you to increase more traffic, deposit to get more traffic when in fact you were not given the option to provide your website url details, then why buy traffic in the first place when you haven't place any ads to advertise?

To analyze it further they are more focusing on turning users as investors buying traffic without promoting any ads? This will turn out to be a "Pyramid Scheme" where they rely on investment on new investors to pay out those old members.

You decide for yourself if you wish to jump in burning your money with these people claiming to be an advertising network when you can not even get impressed of the type of homepage they have with some typo errors.

Remember Trafficmonsoon selling adpacks and other sites with the same scheme? Sooner or later will turn out scam with those red flags above on contact details etc. plus how they are going to sustain if no more members will be placing deposits to purchase their traffic plans.

Update, here's the funny thing you are not entitled to make withdrawals unless you had history of deposits! Do you buy this? This is the same schemes used from other scam sites they require you to deposit like from  to withdraw instantly but they never got paid!

Just an additional info, I had this from a reliable source who took the risk joining this site, it is necessary to deposit from external funds going to to be counted as having a history of deposit, using your earned funds inside to be reinvested does not count as a deposit.

What will it gonna be? Burn your $10 to be able to withdraw? or to stay away? Have you not learned your lessons from previous revenue share sites like TM, MPA, HQRevshare etc.
Lately they also made another announcements why there are delays of withdrawals due to multiple accounts from other users that they need to investigate.

Also the free $25 bonus will no longer earn you from your referrals due to abuse from other members who created multiple accounts.
Take note that inactive accounts can also be suspended as per their latest updates and still require you to have a history of deposit (external not using what you earn to reinvest).

Final say is to stay away from these types of Ponzi schemes making big promises of returns but will only run away with your hard earned money unless they come up with other alternative sources to generate income that will pay out its members and not relying on new member's investments.
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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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  1. I tried to draw ten dollars, and it's been pending for four days. It looks SCAM !!!

    1. well they just made an announcement that only those who had a history of deposit are eligible to make withdrawals, which of course is a big red flag same style being used by other scam sites.

    2. I can't withdrawn my sign up bonus and I have reach their minimum withdrawal of $10

    3. they made an announcement that only those with deposit history can withdraw not sure if you try to reinvest that $10 can be considered as deposit and be able to claim next time you reach the minimum $10 payout. Personally I won't deposit since the site seems shady with their compensation plan like those revenue sharing sites that turned scam like trafficmonsoon for instance

  2. Friends, I have been working from 2 months in adsok..but I am getting frequent payouts while I only deposited 10 $ in it once.Initially when I joined it, I found Payouts without depositing it three times.But after 3 August I had to deposit it once.I have taken 8 times the money so far. And this income has only received me from the referral.
    So far, no address has been found for the company .. should I trust this

    1. As long as you have cashed out from your initial investment then no worries, if you are convenient with the way they pay out members from other member's investment then its up to you.

      I'm sure you have heard about those revshare sites before where every member is asked to buy those ad packs and after certain number of days they will get back their money with interest but in reality you are getting paid from new member's investment.

      Same structure with adsok the only thing is you really don't know where they invest your money that they claim to be which by definition a Ponzi scheme, and since its obvious that people get paid from new member's money being invested it is by definition a Pyramid scheme since no product involved or whatsoever.

      They keep paying as long as there will be new members willing to invest from their program.

      I know your smart enough and wise enough to figure it out my friend.