I'm not sure if its just me who doesn't know the trick whenever we come across on solving captchas either on logging in, on claiming bitcoins on faucets, posting comments to blogs or websites that requires some captchas or if you happen to do some online jobs typing captchas.

Well here's a short trick I found by accident unless as I mentioned that I was the only one who doesn't know it yet. For those who are new, well this one is for you.

I discover this lately when claiming on faucets as this is one of the requirement before you get the reward.

This would be beneficial to those making data entry jobs online (online captcha) if this will work, so far I'm using this trick from posting comments, logging in, claiming from BTC faucets.
As shown from above images, you can actually input the words without the need to put some spaces in between just type the whole word as it is.
Second sample above again no spaces and no need to input the (-) dash, hyphen or minus symbol from the text shown.
Same as from sample from first two above, no need to input spaces in between words and as from second sample before we did not include the dash/hyphen symbol this time you need not input the exclamation point either.
For the last sample above no spaces and no need for the apostrophe just the word and your good.

Final say, only type the word or text without spaces and no need to include those punctuation marks as mentioned or any other types like a question mark, comma, semi colon etc (? , ; )

Hope it helps! Say thanks by sharing this to your friends!

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