Let's take a look on Yahoo features on organizing incoming emails.
An organized inbox without clutters is more pleasing to the eyes as you can easily locate important mails from different senders.

Just like from google account we will also use Yahoo's filtering method to archive received emails.

Spam emails are quite annoying as they flood your mailbox. Most emails I got before are unsolicited and the worst part some have no unsubscribe section.

Good thing we can easily filter incoming scam mails and send it directly to the trash box.

Let's start by creating a folder first, in Google we need to create a label name which is almost the same as creating folder in Yahoo.
Name the folder of your choice depending on the sender you want to archive if its a mail from your friend. or company you have business with.
You may now search all the emails to a particular company you wish to put in that folder.
Select everything and you are ready to move as shown above.
Now you can easily scroll and locate the folder to move from and wait when its done.
Simply wait when its complete as shown above image.

Like in Google account  you can also apply filter in Yahoo. Simply go to email you wish to be archived and put a check to a particular mail you wish to filter.
Click on email and check the drop down button in "more" to apply filter.
Simply scroll to the folder you created earlier, but also make sure to delete the content under subject section and we will only retain the sender (From-contains) and moving the message to designated folder (either trash or the folder you created to put your message)
Since I don't want to keep a copy from these unsolicited companies or websites that almost spam my inbox I simply tap on Trash icon so if ever they will send another non-sense messages then it will be thrown away at trash section.
A confirmation that the filter was successful.
confirmation_if_filter_was _a_success
If working with filters does not stop them from making unsolicited mails then you may wish to try the "block" feature.
Now you may check which option you wish to apply.
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