Have you ever get annoyed of emails coming from unsolicited companies or websites that almost spam your inbox.

Then let me just show you a very short tutorial on how to organize your email in google that in case you are also using some email marketing sites that it always send out those email ads you can simply organize and put them to archive.

This way it would not clutter much your inbox and simply placing them into archives with the corresponding labels they are labeled with for easier access which makes your inbox filled with less unwanted mails.

Let us start by filtering all incoming emails from a particular site like this free ad network if you happen to joined this one to promote your sites. Click image to view its full size.
Scroll to your dashboard and select "create new label". Click image to view its full size.
Click create and name it to identify the email/messages that you will be trying to put into archive whenever you will be receiving these messages and will not directly go into your inbox messages. Click image to view its full size.
A new label will be found at left side corner of your dashboard as shown. Click image to view its full size.
Now simply put a check to any of these emails received and we will start to filter it out. Click image to view its full size.
Select create filter with this search. Click image to view its full size.
Select apply label and scroll to the label you created earlier. Click image to view its full size.
Since I want these emails not be directed to my inbox I simply check on the boxes as shown and be placed inside the label I created directly. Make sure to check box asking to include other messages with the same label or matching the conversation. Click image to view its full size.
In case you want to directly delete those spam emails that you receive daily that even unsubscribing somehow they manage to still send spam mails to your account then check "delete it". As this is the way to deal with it.

Now you just filtered these emails and whenever they will send you one, it will be automatically be stored under your created label making your inbox more neat from clutters.
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