Why people get their money easily burnt from scam sites is by simply jumping into the bandwagon without doing any research of the company they are joining into.

People just love easy money and often than not resort to HYIP available online thinking they will make quick profit by joining such programs which are all scams in the end.

Aside from HYIPs more and more too good to be true websites keeps popping out from social media sites like Facebook offering high rewards just by inviting others to join, only to find out they are just after the traffic while some requires for purchase and others to sign up from their promoted affiliate links.

In everything we do there is always risks involved but justifying yourself to join these too good too be true sites by saying "only invest what you can afford to lose" is simply pure stupidity and tolerating this tricksters to collect your hard earn money and run away with it coming back later with a re-branded website.

I myself admit on my early years on the internet easily got hyped from what I read and see being posted of  proof of income, high returns etc.

Yes, like you I was also so eager to make shortcuts, to make easy money investing doing nothing. I joined many investment programs already and if you have heard 5  years ago then I'm one of those investors.

Other sites that I could remember back then like those oil mining sites, mineral mining etc before venturing to revenue sharing sites which are all scams like Trafficmonsoon, HQrevshare etc.

If not mistaken I also have run through online banks investments before which I can see new schemes circulated in facebook like  which 

Now a days HYIP have gone to another level, before it requires to invest via Paypal, Payza, Solidtrust etc now people can now easily invest with the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ether and so on.

With these, a newly type of investment program was born and these are cloud mining sites that have bombarded the net. 

Yes, I took part and invested in, bitsrapid 2 years ago to name a few which turned out all scams and whenever I see/hear any cloud mining sites that requires you to invest to get hash power etc I stay away, except for that they have their own faucet and free doge coin every time you log in that you can use to purchase, you may follow my review here.

Making money online from trusted sites that requires some time and effort like some legit PTC sites are still out there but is not a type of "get-rich-quick scheme that those who are impatient to do this jobs easily quit and leave.

If you want to earn from PTC sites its not only about viewing ads, doing some tasks or surveys but having great number of referrals will help you out to increase your earnings which needs time to build up your team.

Now how do you scout and filter out LEGIT from SCAM sites, here's just a few recommendations that I can share based from my own experience.

Just a quick way to determine if a site is scam or not.

1. Know thy owners (Google is your friend)
2. Check when was the site registered (website lookup like how long have they been registered, is it a year ago, last month and so on.
3. Check if there are any contact details and physical address posted from their website and try to get info if they do exists.
4. Look for TOS and Privacy policy if they have to check if its not just a copy paste.
5. Be skeptical of what they are offering is it free? Do they require you to invest?
6. Search for previous reviews if you can find any, there are lots of people making such reviews.
7. How easy is the job done? Is it just by inviting others to sign up without any work involved?
8. Scrutinize its website if how the company sustain its business, is it through promotional ads posted or do they have online stores to add up to their revenues, or simply plain recruiting without tangible products but just rely on new members upgrade or buying ad packs?
9. Check for any comment sections and if posted clients clickable to check if published comments came from real people or just fabricated ones, be skeptical also for YouTube video reviews, these may just come from hired or paid members from Fiverr.
10. If the company posted certificates from Companies House you might as well verify if they do exist by going to Companies House website (here).
11. DTI permits from other countries is not an assurance that a company registered from them is legit, its only for business name registration purposes only to make it look like legit as anyone who can access and pay online can simply make registration.
12. Presence of mind always when you see companies showing/promising for high returns you should already know the drill.
13. If you are invited to join and requires upgrade without any tangible products that you can resell but merely digital like ebooks, trainings etc, don't fall for it the main source to earn from them is by recruiting others and just make use of these so called digital products as cover up that it may not be tagged as PYRAMID scheme, paying out members coming from payments from new members.

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"if it sounds too good to be true"
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