Let me show you how I got my direct referrals in Clixsense, this tutorial actually can be applied to other PTC sites or other online opportunity sites that require for referrals or even promoting ads from Clickbank or Amazon to get some leads and conversions.

To be honest this is the most effective way to get referrals/leads vs using traffic exchange sites as most TE sites are already saturated by other members with their respective referral links.

Before you proceed, if you are not willing to spend for your ads then do not proceed and just post in social media sites like Facebook and twitter plus traffic exchange sites.

If you wish to spend and get referrals then you may continue reading this page.

Disclaimer, results may vary as presented here will depend on the type of package you will be willing to spend for, and more or less do not expect much of real people joining that I myself suspected for some bots that signed up through my link.

Except for those who made a purchase from my Clickbank links.

Again you are not limited to where you will be purchasing your ads but for the purpose of this tutorial I will be using Neobux as the platform to promote ads. If you have no account yet simply register here. Follow tutorial here to make an account in Neobux.

Let's start: Click images to view its full size.
1. Get your splash page or banner ads you want to promote
2. Choose your splash page and copy the link, presented here are two different splash page to choose in Clixsense.
3. Log in to your Neobux account
neobux homepage  image
4. Choose advertise tab
neobux advertise
5. Select the package you wish to buy
neobux credits
6. Select payment method
payment method accepted in neobux
7. Click your advertisement
neobux placing ads
8. Give a title to your ad and input the referral link or banner ad or splash page link you copied earlier.
neobux ad title and link
9. Assign your purchased credits and click on start.
assigning neobux credits to your ads
10. You will see your activity and proof of purchase later on.
neobux receipt
11. Your direct referral results
Clixsense referrals
12. Sample ads promoted like Clickbank to get some leads and conversions.
promoted ads in neobux
Congrats! You just learned how to get direct referrals from Clixsense and to other sites requiring referrals or promoting products in Clickbank, Amazon etc.

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