Want to monetize your website or blogs using ADZlink but don't know how? Well let me share to you a short tutorial as I tried myself to my own blog which is powered by blogger.

Once you added the adzlink you should be able to see the little cute color blue adzbuzz logo to your honepage, so let me just walk you through to do it in Blogger.

Definitely you should also have your ADZbuzz account, register by signing up below.

Requirement, at least you should have a paid domain before you can use ADZlink, tutorials I have seen so far is more on wordpress but since mine is powered by blogger then hope it may help you out setting it up too.

You also need an invitation key, if you already have one then go follow steps below.

Step 1. Settings
Once you already signed up simply log in to your account and click on settings from your dashboard. Click images below to view its full size.
Step 2. Publisher
Now look for Publisher and click.
Step 3. Generate Code
Click Get code button to generate your code for ADZbuzzer share button.
Step 4. Copy code
Simply copy the generated code and save to notepad or simply open your blogger account.
Step 5. Edit blogger html
Open your blogger account and go to Themes and click on edit HTML

Step 6. CTRL+F
Point anywhere inside and press CTRL+F to bring out the search box and look for <body> if you can not find one type </body> and press enter.
Step 7. <body> or </body>
Now check if you can find this code and press enter, it will be highlighted if found
Step 8. Paste code & Save
Simply paste the code that you generated and insert just below </body>
Step 9. Copy 2nd Code
Get the next code and go to your blogger layout and choose where to place the share button code.
For this tutorial I decided to place it on my sidebar and I click on add a gadget and selected HTML/Java Script.
Paste the code and click save.
Here's a sample screenshot if you placed it successfully
Step 10. Scroll down to get Code for ADZlink
Go back to your ADZbuzz publisher page and scroll down this time we will be adding the ADZlink but select where you wish to add to your website.
Step 11. Copy Code (Skip this if you already done steps 5 to 8)
The first code generated is simply the same with ADZbuzzer above so you may skip this already but in case you didn't add the ADZbuzzer share button then follow steps from #5 to #8 and copy and paste the code after <body> or </body>.
Step 12. Copy 2nd Code
Now copy the 2nd code of ADZlink and go back to blogger and select Layout and choose any where you wish to place your code for ADZlink by adding a gadget HTML/Java script like what you did in step #9.
Step 13. Add Gadget and choose HTML/Javascript
Select Layout and choose any where you wish to place your code for ADZlink by adding a gadget HTML/Java script like what you did in step #9 and just drag anywhere like in sidebar, footer it doesn't matter where you wish to put as you have selected the placement from step #10.
Paste code and save...
I just dragged the gadget to the lowest area from my sidebar, again it doesn't matter you wish to drag your gadget.
Congrats! You have set up your ADZlink!
Now to get traffic go back to ADZbuzz publisher page and scroll down to ADZnouncer and just fill up and input the URL of any topic from your website and start sharing.
share your website url
Once you have shared in ADZnouncer your post will be seen at STREAM section.
That's it just visit your ADZ Earning dashboard to check for earnings from the pool.

If you find this helpful share with other ADZbuzz members.

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