Monday, September 11, 2017


I found another online craze named which is based in the Philippines where the main company is from Malaysia as they claim plus it works internationally meaning other countries can join such program.

When you try to watch their video presentation (here) it states from the very beginning Advertising makes sense, then comes next Log in to earn (fastest way to make money) where in the world can you find a site that just by logging in you will earn, well does but of course there's a catch.

How can it sustain its existence if there are no fees needed and just let users simply logging in to earn? Let's find out.


Let's take a little review on this new online opportunity from the company Redex Red Ltd which they claim that it is registered in London. 

It says from their website once you open their homepage with a question "What you Get? 
By registering and becoming partner of RedeX, you get access to a global Internet Business opportunity with best elements of network marketing of XXI century, business whereas all your actions result in best possible outcome for you."

You need to invest with the amount of 0.005BTC to activate your account and before you get the reward of 0.16BTC you need to have 62 people under you before you go to the next level, so its like trying to accumulate 0.31BTC for your first level before you get paid.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Anyone for sure have already been using Payza as one of their payment processors online aside from Paypal, Solid TrustPay etc.

For those who didn't know it was named as AlertPay before way back when I signed up using their service 6years ago (2011).

I'm still using this to receive payments from my online PTC sites that I joined into.  Good thing a year ago I noticed they had introduced the use of BTC as a feature to withdraw your funds which is a great add on instead of linking your personal banks and so on.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hooray can we make a shout for another pluggle type of making money online? 

If you have seen that resembles the color of  logo by google then here comes its contender resembling the logo for Yahoo.

Presenting! What a big joke when lazy people will jump in and try to make money with this new pyramid scheme type offered online.

Monday, September 4, 2017


I have been collecting BTC since the advent of faucets and I mentioned from one of my posts about Donaldcoin faucet which closed after the AdSense ban same goes with the other faucets.

I have already used elenafaucets before but was not able to resume collecting and almost forgot it a year ago.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Here's a short review of another online BTC site offering too good to be true rewards just by inviting others to join.

It's like another wildfire being promoted in Facebook when it is pretty obvious without  doing enough research but the type of structure being marketed is already too good to be true.

Not much info about the site as there are no details about its owner or the company behind this. Checking from is a newly registered site dated August 30, 2017.