Thursday, December 14, 2017


I just received an email from this website called with a very attracting reward of  $0.10 per viewing ads.

Out of curiosity of course I signed up and check if its really true as most PTC sites only offer $0.001 to $0.01 when viewing ads.

I tried to look for online reviews about this company and found out that it is a new site as I checked from it only registered last August 13, 2017 (2017-08-13) with contact details are hidden so we do not know much about the owners of this site.
While checking their homepage I could not find a single google AdSense ad posted, so far the country registered is in Panama by the way. When you try to check out the About page section I was not shock if its a Russian language that will come out. Click images below to view its full size.
Definitely this is just like Piplogo or Hotlogo run again by these Russian tricksters, if you haven't read about my review on that site kindly check them out here.
The thing is since it has no AdSense that would monetize its site I wonder what's the catch with this easy job just by solving a captcha type problem that actually consists of numbers.
Here are the ads being advertised from their page and so far when you click on those ads somehow it is directed to a specific website like amazon, nike etc.
What bothers me is that those ad links are legit, but does not carry any affiliate links from them so in case there would be buyers they won't earn any from these stores which they try to advertise unless these stores paid them so they can be marketed on this site.

So I simply assume the likes of eBay, amazon with a directory of sellers with their ads that this type of site is trying to duplicate or at least trying to achieve.

Here's another look how easy you can earn from this site which I made a test that at least 2 hours you could already reach up to $100-$150 in one sitting.
Once you made a mistake copying the numbers a pop error will show to your screen and you can simply click ok and try the number again.
So here, easy $150 in just 2-3 hours straight copying those numbers.
Seems too good to be true right? which really does not convince me well in spite of  those legit ads.
Now since there is no info on the minimum payout that when I reached $14 I tried to make a withdrawal and this message come out. You need to accumulate $150 in your balance account.
So the red flag can already be seen here aside from no owner details, the minimum requirement for withdrawal is $150, but sure thing this is not a problem since every ad you view you get $0.10 as reward.

Now since I reached the $150 required I tried again to request for withdrawal and this message come up. Holy crap you need to invite at least 40 members to join under your link!

They really don't want you to get paid don't they? What is quite funny is they direct you to buy referrals on what they call from the exchange.

Now that I did not paid attention on the posted news which when I took a look at the dates where (10-07-2017) and 06-18-2017 which I remember that they just got registered last August 13, 2017!

What a big joke the news were way much more ahead even the site has not yet been registered during those dates.

Now checking the prices of referrals being sold by members at the exchange of referrals page section as shown below. Take a look also on the dates of registration by members.
And check this poorly written wrong spelling "fedback" from their site.
A comparison on the date of registration vs those listed above news and member registration dates.
They made look like legit by posting real ads, but the catch is they offer you to pay for those 40 referrals before you get paid.

Here take a look of the same site with a different name as mentioned like what the Russian crooks who made Piplogo and Hotlogo, as and
They really made a lot of duplicates of the same site as DuhMoney, how pathetic these Russian crooks trying to trick people.
I'm curious what's next after these names.
Seems they already spam the Facebook page with another name. lol
Now they call it so funny
They are quite persistent promoting different names, now its
Now its RugMoney.Club what's next? Any guess?
From RugMoney they call it NocMoney.Club

How desperate these Russian crooks who keep making different names
Desperate moves by these scammers, lol
scam site
More names to come out...
scam site
When will ShitMoney.Club come out?
scam site
Here;s another shitty name they made...
scam site
Seems they have a lot of money to register domains...
scam site
scam site
scam site
scam site
scam site
scam site,,,
scam site
So guys their website is pretty obvious they are only changing the name and their domain, PLEASE don't fall for this, no-brainer you can tell right away its just pure re-brand but the same interface only the name of the site changed don't be too GULLIBLE because of its promising payout!


A great video also for your reference, credits to owner who uploaded on YouTube to warn others.

Final say is to stay away from this "too good to be true" site offering such easy money which lets you buy from the exchange of referrals section that consists of members registered earlier before the registration of the site itself.?!

Don't forget to share to warn others! Thanks!
"if it sounds too good to be true"
Feel free to drop your comments below.


  1. I spent 10 minutes to create a script to automate the captcha solving.. I earned $3600 in one hour.. this is to good to be true and then I saw this blog. what a waste.

    1. yes these Russian crooks who always want to rip off people's money when people will buy those 40 referrals as part of their requirement to withdraw, better to stay away from these scam sites with many names.

  2. Lừa đảo có đầu tư , tôi thấy mình ngu vcl khi bỏ 1h nhập số . Fuck your!!!!!!

  3. scams are scams extra careful from these crooks thay made a lot of names out of this to scam people.

  4. I also by wasting my time, however I have earned 170-180$ & when I wanted to withdraw, if I want to withdraw, the site telling that to invite 40 referrals to withdraw the money, is it true ???

    1. you will never get paid even with 40 referrals, other members have already tested the 40 referrals and even purchased from the exchange but never got paid, stay away pure scam with many names

  5. gracias por la información, habia comenzado pero me quedo la duda y comenze a buscar y que bueno que dude

    1. always be alert and on watch, we never know when these scammers will keep re-branding sites to scam people, protect your hard earned never waste time with these kind of sites...

  6. UPDATE 17.08: all are scam from same person see yourself

    1. very nice, thanks for the share let's keep our brothers and sisters informed about these scam sites.

  7. all the websites linked to same database. I registered in and then when i got 150$ and above and referred 40 real persons ... they asked me to send 10$ bitcoins to an address in order to get my money. Then when i sent the 10$ bitcoins they changed the address asking for another 10$... i wrote in the fedback page .. they said it was an error in database they lost the 10$ and gave me a new address to send another 10$ to.. I did that and sent the secont 10$ bitcoin... i wrote again in the fedback section that i sent to the new address ... guess what? they kicked me out and deleted my username /////// full of shit!

    1. well this is how crooks operate, be careful next time else you will end up donating your hard earned money.

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  10. Quisiera saber q sucede con.las referencias. A la final solo se estafa al q engancha y amooo referidos q les sucede

  11. y de esas paginas se puede eliminar la cuenta que se creo o no pasa nada?

  12. Yo atraje las 40 referencias y me dijo que en un periodo de 30-60 días me verifican la cuenta que estafaaaa

  13. Como hago para borrar el usuario ?