Saturday, July 29, 2017


Ever heard of TE sites or simply called as traffic exchange sites?Sure you do especially if your an author of a blog or website but if this is your first time then by the word alone itself you already get the idea.

Traffic is the bloodline for any site as try to remove traffic and no one gets to buy your product/service you want to offer, or no leads or conversions and if you are into advertising ads then you won't get any profit from advertisers if you get no traffic coming along.

By the name itself you will exchange traffic with another member with their own site as you try to view their site as they view yours as well. Here you get credits or points and you may use these accumulated points or credits to promote and expose your site to others.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Registered since 2013 under the name of Interglobal Limited and address at Suite 102, Ground Floor Blake Building, Corner Eyre & Houston Str as per whois data.  

If you try to look at the name of the company somehow you will end up with this website here which has a different address in Nigeria but carries the name of Interglobal Limited.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


I stumble on another online opportunity offering simple tasks trying to compare company logos in different shades of color and you get paid for your work $0.30 to $1.00 well sounds too good to be true as it try to beat all PTC sites viewing ads and doing tasks if this is legit.

Well I was also browsing another site which featured this ad so I am also checking if that advertising company site is also legit as most of the sites I found being advertised inside are scams but since this is new to me I decided to make a quick review out of it.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


One of the longest running PTC site since 2008 upto this date of review. There are many reactions regarding how legitimate this site would be. More or less they do pay their members once the minimum payout is reached.

Little do we know about the owner whose name as Fernando without a surname in reference to the interview from even checking from site will give no clue who the owner is.

This could been a red flag already but they have managed to stay in the business for almost 9years and has proven so far that they are legit and still paying its members.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


These kind of ponzi schemes is not new already, I remember my first investment 5 years ago from Silverstructure since I myself was also new to these kinds of online investments that I did not made a thorough research.

Remember Ardexfunds, Shareholder-Ic, Coince etc just to name some have the same typical structure that they claim that they are professionals in trading. I also recall sites on oil mining and gas if you have heard about that before are totally scam.

This site is no different to rapidminers, hashocean, bitsrapid,, etc.

Why can not be trusted? Obvious reasons as always no transparent owners or founders running the company or contact details.


Another new mining site of crypto-currencies with the ability to use up to 218 % purchased power Gh/s. The site claims that you can earn from 3 % to 7 % per day from your investments. If you register you get even 100 Gh/s for free!

Will people still believe this kind of crap? Have they not learn their lessons from Hashocean, Topmine, Bitsrapid, Startminer to name a few? Even without checking from their website has no info who the owners are, no details at all .

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Bitbond is a peer to peer lending platform where you can be a lender or a borrower with a minimum investment of $5 to start wth as stated here.

Very attractive price to start investing with projected earning upto 13% with their bitcoin lending program. Sounds too good isn't it, aside the fact that they claim that all borrower's credit were checked by them.

In reality even after going through ID verification of some sort and other pertinent details, in terms of income and debts were not checked by these P2P lending companies as most complains from investors are these borrowers who turned "defaulted" when they stop paying.

Monday, July 17, 2017


A quick review about if legit or not, well to start with is to look for owners of this site via and I'm not surprised with the results. A registrant contact set to private with registrar as we all know anyone can set up his website and get domain from such domain registrar site.

Now I tried to look into their website and no contact details, no office address as well just the where you can ask for help perhaps. Though they registered their domain name as of 2014 it would still be best to know who the owners are and  a phyical office address and contact details.